New Breakaway Clients Seek Camden Capital

Los Angeles, March 2010 – John M. Krambeer is featured in Registered Rep. Magazine in an article titled “The New Breakaways: Clients.” The article discusses the recent growth in Registered Investment Advisory firms, as investors have departed from the wire‐house brokerage model and have put their trust in independent advisory firms, such as Camden Capital.

During 2008 and 2009, Camden Capital added $300 million in new assets, bringing the company’s total assets under management to $550 million. This substantial increase in assets is due in large part to clients migrating away from brokers and turning to smaller firms like Camden. Full‐service brokers have collectively lost about eight percent of their client base since 2008 and have been projected to continue on that down trend, while smaller investment advisory businesses continue to rise little by little. However, due to their collective size and power, the larger wire‐houses do still dominate the investment industry… for now.

Mr. Krambeer explains that there are several reasons for the sudden rise in assets. A number of investors claim that larger corporations do not offer a satisfactory level of service. He states that one advantage of investing with an RIA, such as Camden Capital, is that each client’s individual needs are taken into account. Camden Capital recognizes each client’s risk characteristics and investment goals, in order to come up with a case‐specific, strategic investment plan.