All professional athletes share a common trait – the ability to focus in on their craft. To exert maximum effort to improve one’s skill. Athletes are unique clients thrust into a world of wealth at a young age with a variable career span. We share that tenacity to do what we do best through preparation and execution.


We believe an athlete’s success includes more than just their talent and performance. It means understanding your discrete and complex financial needs and the relationship you have with alongside your trusted team of professionals.


We manage daily financial, as well as legacy affairs. This includes managing real estate, providing customized reporting, coordinating team meetings and philanthropic efforts, acting as a gatekeeper for outside investment and monetary requests, and assisting in career succession planning and wealth education. Ultimately, we guide an athlete in their financial journey by serving in a fiduciary role as their wealth steward.


It’s our job to help preserve an athlete’s wealth through consistency and teamwork. The result is a solid financial foundation that allows an athlete to maintain the genius and focus on their career.

Mark H. Udis

Mark H. Udis