We excel at developing customized, traditional and tax efficient strategies utilizing:

  • Institutional-level third-party managers
  • Traditional equities and fixed income
  • Separately managed accounts
  • Unified managed accounts
  • Private equity funds
  • Alternative investments
  • Asset-based lending

Third Party Managers

We select and monitor industry-leading investment managers who demonstrate historic out-performance relative to their index, consistently manage downside risk, have proper risk control procedures in place and whose investment philosophies are aligned with ours.

Market leading experts in their sector, these managers are highly accessible, attentive and responsive to the needs of prominent high-net worth families while understanding the importance of remaining discreet.


Private Equity

While private investment offerings are typically reserved for institutional investors, we have access to private equity investment opportunities that may be applicable to investors based on their qualification standards.


Alternative Investments

Our investment recommendations may possess a range of alternative investments such as private equity, real estate, commodities and hedge funds. In today’s interest rate environment, alternatives have grown in popularity as investment managers have struggled with the rising price of traditional equities and fixed income products with minimum yield. We are dedicated to identifying alternative asset managers who subscribe to the philosophy of protecting clients’ assets when utilized as a satellite offering to the overall core position.


Asset-based Lending

Camden Capital competitively shops lending rates from multiple institutions. This bidding process allows us to obtain pricing below what most clients achieve on their own and removes the burden from the client. We also have access to competitive margin lending rates on investable assets through our third-party custodians.

A Unique Approach

Holistic Wealth Management

Comprehensive wealth management and financial planning focused on wealth preservation for generations to follow. We are agnostic and have an advisory fee-based model.


Institutional Investment Access and Pricing

Access to institutional-level investment products including world class third-party managers, private equity funds, alternative investments, asset based and margin lending.


Relentless Service

We understand your needs and our relentless commitment to service is unmatched. We have grown our business through referrals and long-standing client relationships


Financial Insight

Consolidated performance and tax reporting including investments managed by others. Performance is reported on gross and net of fees along with detailed tax information that may also be provided to your designated CPA.