With thoughtful attention to detail and a persistence on delivering superior service, we provide clients freedom and flexibility.

Meet Jayson

Jayson J. Brown

It's about what's possible, relevant, and valuable for our client's needs.


Kara Boccella

Our mission is to improve
the financial quality and
overall peace of mind of our

Meet Mark

Mark H. Udis

Our financial and investment acumen creates opportunities to serve sophisticated clients and solve complex problems.

Meet Constantine

Constantine S. Hatzivassiliou
Managing Director

Service is our mantra. Never being satisfied is what drives us.

Meet Rich

Rich P. Bursek
President & Partner

Our goal is to extend the power of our clients' prosperity, preserve their assets, safeguard their way of life and help secure their financial well-being.

Meet James

James Ouderkirk
Co-Chief Investment Officer